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New Pokemon Games are Coming to the Switch

Today some huge Pokemon news was released during a conference in Tokyo. Three new games and one other title that we have heard rumors about were announced. The first rumor is Pokemon Quest for the Nintendo Switch and it will eventually end up on mobile devices. Pokemon Quest is a free-to-play adventure game that has cube-shaped Pokemon. I know what your thinking – just watch the trailer before you make any judgments.

Pokemon Quest allows players to explore Tumblecube Island as you let your Pokemon roam the land. Players can control their Pokemons’ attacks. The game will be available on mobile devices later in June but is actually out now for the Switch. So go out and download the game and let us know what you think.

There is also one new game that shares two titles. Pokemon: Let’s Go Pickacu and Pokemon: Let’s Go. These two games will both be available on the Switch on November 16th.

As you can see from the trailer, this will be a new game set around Pokemon Yellow. Some elements from Pokemon Go will be present in the game. In fact you will be able to work with your Pokemon Go profile. One cool little thing in the trailer is the Poke Ball controller that can also be used in Pokemon Go by those players who never bought into Pokemon Go Plus. Also – a new RPG Pokemon game that we all have been hoping for will be coming in 2019.

If you are playing Pokemon Go, you will find that the Alolan Exeggutor is lurking around the game. Right now we don’t have many details on the story for Pokemon: Let’s Go. That will hopefully change around E3.

David Yerion
David Yerionhttp://www.Ticgamesnetwork.com
Living in Northern California. Nestled between Mt. Lassen and Mt. Shasta in a small town. Family, gaming and work are my life. Hit me up @davidyerion on Twitter. Playing since Atari 2600.

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