New Outlast II Gameplay Footage Looks Creepy

Get ready to navigate through the dark again with your trusty night vision camera in another gameplay video from Outlast 2.

PAX was held over the weekend and people managed to get their hands on more Outlast 2 footage. This game is the sequel to Red Barrel’s 2013 survival horror game. The original Outlast used a night vision camera mechanic to add suspense to your environment and make your enemies faces look ten times more creepy.

There is a new setting in Outlast II. In the first gameplay footage, which you can see here, we have left the asylum and are now in a rural farm area with crops to navigate through and hide in. You are being chased and can see bloody floors and body parts in the barns as you run pass them to escape ypur pursuers.

Here is the video:

Outlast is a single-player survival horror game, developed by Red Barrel Studios, originally released back in September 4, 2013 on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Linux and Mac. It was given good word around the gaming community and received reviews of a 4/5 on Metacritic, 9/10 on Destructiod, and a 7.8/10 on IGN. Outlast 2 is set to release Fall 2016.

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