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New MacBook May Have an OLED TouchPad

Martin Hajek, creator of cool tech 3D renders, has created a new visual piece demonstrating a rumored feature on the next MacBook. According to The Verge, a MacBook overhaul is due in the next big Apple device update season. One of the features rumored to be coming to the new line of Macbooks is a OLED touchpad. The touchpad will be replacing physical media buttons on the keyboard and will make way for digital settings.

The benefits of a digital touchpad is an unlimited supply of media options on your keyboard. Instead of just using a keyboard’s volume buttons and screen lighting options, users will be able to use any media options provided by an app. An application like Spotify could allow for fast forward and rewind options to be easily manageable on a keyboard. Notifications can be easily reached instead of clicking on a couple of menus on the desktop. Overall, the touchpad will make for unique experiences that will simplify some function controls.

The added touch pad could also serve as a home for the A.I. dominated future. With many tech companies such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Apple trying to create machine learning A.I.’s which are self learning bots, the touch pad could serve as an easier means to access Siri. Like the Amazon Echo, Apple will try to position Siri as a daily driver. The first company to establish dominance with their A.I. chat bot will have the greater stockpile of feedback in order to improve its own language recognition software. Eventually, the A.I. will be able to become a fully fulfilled assistant that could help users to the extent the film Her portrayed. After all, Microsoft was pretty close to that solution until the internet hijacked its vision of a bot future.

For more tech news, follow us @TiCGameNetwork. Images are by Martin Hajek.

Jason Mckendricks
Jason Mckendrickshttp://Ticgamesnetwork.com
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