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New Leaks Indicate Multiple Xbox Devices Releasing Soon, Possible 4K Gaming And VR

Update: Kotaku reports that three sources state that the new Xbox console scheduled for a 2017 release is code-named Scorpio and will utlize a stronger GPU. The new console is said to be capable of supporting Oculus Rift VR gaming and Microsoft is reportedly seeking a partnership with the makers of that virtual reality headset. Scorpio is also said to be able to support 4K graphics in video games but developers are allegedly concerned about the console’s data transfer speed which could mean long load times for Ultra HD visuals.

Original article: The writer known for leaking the Xbox One Elite controller has released some tantalizing details regarding Microsoft’s upcoming hardware releases. Yes, that would be “releases” as it appears Microsoft is planning to announce multiple devices in the Xbox family.

In an article originally published by the lovely Tatiana Morris at Game Zone, podcaster and writer Sam Brads hosted a special edition of the Sams Report to share what he purportedly knows about the new Xbox hardware. Keep in mind that none of this has been confirmed by Microsoft and should be treated as rumors at this time.

First of all, the Xbox One Mini is said to exist despite Microsoft’s denials. There will also apparently be two streaming devices announced in June. The first has been compared to a Chromecast and will likely cost somewhere around $100 USD. The second device is said to offer more features such as the ability to play games and full app support. That one is said to be larger and will reportedly cost about $175 USD.

Finally, a revised Xbox One will offer 4K media playback – this console will not offer games with 4K graphics – is said to be coming. Microsoft is apparently very interested in promoting Xbox as a platform that can be accessed by many types of devices. To offer a consistent experience across console and PC we can expect to see the Xbox One interface available on Windows 10. There is apparently yet another controller that will become the standard pack-in with new consoles.

In related news, Tom Warren posted on Twitter that the new Xbox One will be 40% smaller than the current console:

Brad ended his podcast by stating his belief that Microsoft has big plans in 2017 including some type of path to Virtual Reality on Xbox consoles and even all new hardware infrastructure.

While all of these tidbits are just rumors, they do reflect Phil Spencer’s stated vision of making Xbox Live a platform for Microsoft that is akin to iTunes for Apple. Such a platform would require multiple devices that users can employ to carry their content with them.

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