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A New Kirby Game Is Heading to the Switch

During their E3 presentation, Nintendo revealed that they have a Kirby title in the works for the Switch. As with most previous titles, the game will be a 2D platformer featuring the adorable pink hero.

In this entry, the little protagonist has access to his signature copy power in addition to an assortment of other abilities. For the first time since Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, he can combine powers to form new ones. This time around, he can also befriend/enslave enemies, and together they can perform special group skills. This also sets up cooperative play.

Of course, the rotund hero with an insatiable appetite also brings the rest of his usual moves. Not only can he absorb small enemies to take on their powers, he can also inhale attacks and spit them back out. He can fly as well, which is a fairly handy ability to have in a platformer.

Nintendo has yet to give a specific release date for this upcoming Kirby adventure. However, they do plan on releasing the game sometime in 2018. This Nintendo Switch exclusive title will be available in North America, Europe, and Japan.

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