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New Halo 5 map and console

At Gamescom today, Microsoft gave a display of Halo 5: Guardians, showing off a new map, Colosseum. We saw Epsilon and Optic play CTF on the map, and flag juggling is back! The spectator mode appears to have new features, including player outlines a la Counter Strike: GO. We also saw that the Overshield powerup animation can be cancelled, and that players can thruster boost with objectives held.

Interestingly enough, these trailers suggest that Halo 5 will be rated T for teens. Previously, the series has always been rated M in the U.S. This suggests that there will be less blood in this installment. A Halo 5 1TB Xbox One was also shown off with a custom controller (available for pre-order now), and the first ever Halo World Championship is also coming. Epsilon won the match by the way.

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