New God of War Gameplay Shown Off

God of War, the highly-anticipated quasi-reboot by Sony Santa Monica, is almost here. In preparation of its release (and no doubt to keep excitement going) PlayStation Underground has released five minutes of new God of War gameplay, showing off trolls, puzzles, loot and more. If you’re trying to go into the game completely unspoiled, you probably shouldn’t watch it. If however you want another tease of what awaits, I think you’ll like what’s on offer here.

You can watch the new God of War gameplay right here: 

Today on PS Underground: brand new gameplay from God of War, showcasing another one of the game’s trolls, as well as some of the off-the-beaten-path exploration elements in the game.

God of War went gold a short while ago, and it releases on April 20th, 2018. If you’d like to see more, check out some previously released gameplay right here.

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