New Flight Simulator videos released along with tech alpha details

The developers behind Microsoft’s upcoming Flight Simulator has released a collection of beautiful clips showcasing the game’s visual chops. We not only get a new peek at the game but also get a glimpse of the developer’s roadmap which has been making the rounds all over the internet. First things first, watch the new video clips compiled into a fanmade trailer for yourself below:

Looks like we are in for some gorgeous vistas when Flight Simulator makes its way into our hands. Expect to see a lot more of the game in the weeks to come. The creators have produced a development roadmap for the game that was intended for insiders but was leaked to the public. You can have a look at that below:

There is a technical alpha that is currently being tested by internal teams but public signups should begin by the end of this month. We will be sure to update you when more insider details are released.

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