Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct

New Fighters Ken and Incineroar Announced At Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct

Two Fighters Join The Battle

Nintendo fans, get excited because this morning on November 1st, 2018 the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct happened. This is the final wrap-up of information for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate before launch, so Nintendo put together a great video to give you all the details. At the very start of the Direct, the final 2 fighters that are joining the massive roster were announced. Ken, from Street Fighter 2 and the Pokemon Incineroar join the massive 74-fighter roster.

Street Fighter Ken

Ken joins the fight, bringing along with him some classic kick combos and original moves right out of Street Fighter 2. He moves a little faster than his counter-part Ryu, has 2 final smashes, and some other small changes that make him stand out among the roster.


This wrestling style Pokemon is bringing some WWE pain to the ring. Incineroar has buffed throws, poses for the audience after moves (which can be cancelled), and some awesome wrestling-based power moves.

If you’ve missed out on watching the Nintendo Direct, you can find it right here. It’s not long until fans can play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and start working on building that 74 player roster!

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