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New Features For Xbox One Preview Program & Xbox Beta App To Bring Fan Requested Changes

Players in the Xbox One Preview Program or the Xbox Beta App have some new features to look forward to and this time we will be getting some long requested changes to how we use our console and Xbox Live.

Starting today Xbox One Preview members will be able to:

View Members In A Party Before Joining- When you see a friend in a party you can simply click the Chat button to see all of the other users your buddy is playing with.

Improved Gamerscore Leaderboard- Check out your achievements to find the new Gamerscore leaderboard. You will see your overall standing against your friends as well as who made the most progresss over the last thirty days.

Pins- Now you can arrange the pins on your home screen and now they can be accessed offline.

Activity Feed Notifications- Now you will be notified about new content in your activity feed. Click the link in the notification to see all of the new content.

Join Your Friends’ Twitch Broadcasts- You will be able to see your friends’ Twitch broadcasts from the Game Hub or the game’s tile.

Improved Suggested Friends- Friend suggestions will now include the Gamertag, their real name if the player chooses to share it and why this person was suggested to you. A simple click will take you to their full profile where you can choose to add them.

Hide Items From Your Install List- Do you have a lot of demos, betas, apps or even full games you don’t want to see anymore? Now you can remove these from your download list.

The following updates are coming to both the Xbox One Preview App and the Xbox Beta App.

Avatar Store- Those of you with a penchant for dressing your avatars with flair will have a large assortment of old and classic costumes, props and accessories to choose from.

Xbox News- Xbox News items will now show up in your activity feed.

Improved Trending Section- Clicking on the new Trending section will take you to a dedicated page filled with screenshots, clips and other content. You will find it easier to add or follow more members of the Xbox Live community.

Improved Compact mode- More functions have been added to compact mode. It will be easier than ever to see what is going on in Xbox Live when you’re supposed to be working.

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