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New Feature Allows You To Play Steam Games On GOG

Few gaming platforms have driven as many consumer friendly innovations as Good Old Games, otherwise known as GOG. The service is owned by Polish game developer CD Projekt Red (yes, THAT studio) and has helped to pioneer concepts such as refunds for digital game purchases and maintaining a DRM free environment. Their latest initiative is called GOG Connect and is a brilliant way of working with gaming behemoth Steam instead of directly competing against the rival service.

The new feature gives you the option of linking your GOG account with your Steam account. You don’t have to, of course. However, if you do then a number of your games will be activated on your GOG account as well. There are some obvious caveats. First of all, the game has to be available in GOG’s game store. The game’s developer and/or publisher must approve for their games to be made available for Connect. Finally, if you get a refund for a game on your Steam account or remove it from your Steam library then GOG can remove it from your GOG library as well.

Games will not always be available through GOG Connect. It seems that games will be released in batches that last for a limited time meaning you must regularly check the GOG website in order to see which of your games might be available.

Even so, thisis a great move which gives players a DRM free copy of at least some of their games. Let’s hope that other gaming platforms follow this example.

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