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New Fable and Perfect Dark Accounts Found

With people eagerly waiting for the official Xbox conference in July, leaks have been coming out near daily. Like many gaming companies, Microsoft tends to maintain several social media accounts tied to their gaming franchises. One example of these prominent social media accounts is @Halo on Twitter which revealed the first piece of marketing for Halo Infinite a few days ago. Through social media ownership people have found new accounts that Microsoft may potentially own.

One example of these potential Microsoft accounts is the new Fable Twitter account. Sure private accounts can be made by anyone but on further inspection ties to Microsoft are found. When trying to use the “forgot username” setting on twitter people have found that the email fa***@m * * * * * *. * * * shows up as the email attached to the twitter handle. While this may seem like dismissible information, fans of the franchise have shared that the name behind the email account could be fable@microsoft.com. Thus it’s Microsoft whom set the account as private.

As the image above shows, even Perfect Dark has a similar placeholder account waiting for a potential reveal. What gives this leak even more weight is that Ken Lobb, an Xbox employee whom worked with Rare in the old Nintendo days, also follows the Perfect Dark twitter account. Now why would Ken Lobb whom now works at Microsoft, previously worked on Perfect Dark, has previously worked on bringing back old franchises like Killer Instinct and Phantom Dust, suddenly follow this private account?


With all these reveals Microsoft may want to announce a conference date before more leaks come forward.

UPDATE: It looks like a fan was able to snatch up the Perfect Dark account when they first learned of the Fable account belonging to Microsoft. Arron Greenberg, Head of Marketing at Xbox, confirmed that they are inactive accounts that Microsoft reserves incase they ever revive these franchises.

The odd thing about this is that Greenberg’s words allude they own both accounts but the Perfect Dark account owner claims they aren’t affiliated with Microsoft. These stories aren’t adding up Microsoft.

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