New Electric Square Game “Miami Street” Revealed

We have known for some time that Microsoft has been working with Electric Square on a new game. To our surprise that game has just been released in the Netherlands and other select markets. It’s called Miami Street and as you might have guessed, it’s a free-to-play racing game.

Hold your horses, the Forza franchise isn’t going anywhere. Miami Street is designed to be played on a variety of Windows 10 devices from low powered laptops to Surface tablets to high powered gaming rigs and presumably mobile hardware like the upcoming Project Andromeda. It plays very simply with timed button presses being a big part of the action. This gameplay clip shows Miami Street being controlled with a two-button mouse.

Microsoft apparently has big plans for this game. The description promises constant updates to the car roster and frequent events with prizes you can use to upgrade your cars. In fact, a garage filled with a variety of cars is the key to doing well in Miami Street as your performance in challenges will be largely dependent on your choice of vehicles.

Electric Square has made the game accessible to a wide variety of skill levels. Experienced players can opt for more difficult challenges and earn more rewards while newer players can take on easy challenges while learning the game.

We will be sure to let you know when Miami Street is available in other regions including the US and UK.

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