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New E3 Gameplay: Rise of the Tomb Raider

New gameplay emerged from E3 from the Xbox One Exclusive Rise of the Tomb Raider. The footage showed is not the same from Microsoft’s E3 2015 press conference which had Lara climbing on the icy cliff to avoid a huge avalanche.

This new footage shows more of the intense slower paced gameplay which involves Lara trekking through the frozen mountains, collecting firewood and setting up camp. The snow physics and animations are the highlights of this video. In addition, the menu, upgrading and crafting systems are also demoed having Lara upgrade her bow and arrows and further utilizing the environment to patch herself up.  Also things appear to be more vertical and open as Lara can now leap up on tree branches to overlook and takedown foes. This gameplay addition had  a bit of a Assassins Creed feeling to it. Things take a crazy turn when Lara comes face to face with a bear and utilizes her modified poison arrows to slow it down.

The video concludes with some footage in more tempered weather to show of the great lighting effects in the tombs and outside environments. While it was great for Microsoft to show the icy hill climb demo at the press event, this slower paced gameplay demos the intense survival and atmosphere that made the first Tomb Raider so great

What do you think of this new gameplay footage?

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