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New Death Note Live Action Trailer Released

Netflix has released a brand new trailer for their upcoming live action film, Death Note.

The trailer shows the meeting between Light and the Shinigami Ryuk(God of Death). The trailer focuses mainly on the Deathnote, specifically its supernatural killing ability. In order to use the Deathnote one must write the name of the victim which we see Light do in order to stop a nearby quarrel.

There is no indication as to whether or not the movie will follow any of the source material from the manga. Light doesn’t appear to be as intelligent in the latest trailer as we all know him to be in the manga and anime. Another instance in which the film diverts from the source is in the introduction to the Deathnote. In the source material Light experiments and learns to use the Deathnote on his own and meets Ryuk at a later date.

Regardless of that fact we should all hold judgment until the actually film releases next month on August 25th. Also, there are some posters of the cast that were released as well, please check them out below.

Check out the trailer for yourself below.


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