New Comic Book Releases for the Week of April 11th

If you are a pop culture geek like I am, April 11th is an exciting day. It’s new comic book release day! Not only is the amazing Sea of Thieves Issue #2 by Titan Comics releasing tomorrow, there are plenty of other titles that will touch the inner geek inside of you. Here are some of the most notable ones you may recognize from cartoon, movie, toy and video game culture listed below:

Titan Comics
Assassins Creed Origins #2 (Of 4)
Sea of Thieves #2 (Of 4)

IDW Publishing

Back to the Future Tales from The Time Train #4
DuckTales #8
DuckTales Mysteries and Mallards (Trade Paperback)
Gears of War The Rise of RAAM #4
Goosebumps Download and Die #2
Sonic The Hedgehog #2
Star Trek New Visions #21 (Enemy Of My Enemy)
Stretch Armstrong and The Flex Fighters #3 (Of 3)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #81
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Usagi Yojimno HC (Expanded Edition)
Transformers Till All Are One Volume 3 TP

American Mythology Productions

Pink Panther Vs The Inspector #1

Blizzard Entertainment

Warcraft Legends Volume 5 TP
Warcraft The Sumwell Trilogy Volume 1 Dragon Hunt TP

BOOM! Studios

Adventure Time Comics #22
Planet of the Apes Ursus #4 (Of 6)
Robocop Citizens Arrest #1

Dark Horse Comics

Hatsune Miku Future Delivery Volume 2 TP
Neil Gaiman’s American Gods My Ainsel #2
Tomb Raider Survivors Crusade #4 (Of 4)

Those comics listed above may stand out to you like they do for me but there are plenty of more comics releasing then just what was mentioned above. If you are interested in looking beyond what was mentioned here, you can visit for a full list. Please drop a comment below letting us know if you will be picking up any of these titles.

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