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New Batman v.s. Superman trailer! Link and complete breakdown.


Gods be praised! Another Batman v.s Superman trailer is here! Now all analysis will follow after but first here is the trailer in full which made it’s debut at the DC Comic-Con panel:



So, there is so much to talk about in the new trailer! We get a much better look at both Jesse Eisenburg’s Lex Luthor and at Wonder Woman in this video. We also see the inside of the ‘Batcave’, although to be honest this Batcave seems to be bunch less of a cave and more of a bunker similar to the one that was seen in The Dark Knight.

The exposition and shots that we get really emphasise that this movie deals with the aftermath of the battle that took place in Metropolis. We see both a high court judge, Alfred and Lex speaking about the consequences of Superman’s actions and his accountability, but we also get several scenes of Superman attending a court hearing presumably also connected to the events in Metropolis.

Affleck appears much throughout the trailer too and is also integrated into the events of Man of Steel. We can see shots of him in the city as it is being destroyed and leads into shots of him hugging and saving a child (like heroes do right?). As well as this we see what we can assume is a destroyed Wayne Manor and Jeremy Irons talking about anger and burning and stuff, which we heard in the teaser a few months back. Interesting is that Bruce Wayne opens a letter that seems to contain a newspaper cutting of his parent’s death and the words “You let your family die” scribbled over the top.

Then we get more bat-y destruction. A guy chained up looking like he is having a bad day. Lois and Clark having a moment all to the tune of Perry White telling Clark Kent that no one cares about Kent v.s Batman (If only he knew right?). Anyway, Momma-Kent has words of wisdom and Superman is saving people from burning buildings and roof tops and anywhere people should generally not be found. But what’s this? Yep that’s right, more Lex Luthor with hair. Although, we know that he will during the course of the movie lose it so maybe Kryptonite is super radioactive?¬†After this then we get a slew of images of Gotham, (possible Joker graphiti?), and a dead General Zod. This then followed by Bruce Wayne talking about how few good men are left in Gotham.

Finally we get another fast sequence of images most importantly showing Wonder Woman in the heat of battle and her getting into the back of a very fancy card. What’s worth nothing is the dress she wears is different to that in the photos of her with Bruce Wayne last week. So they are seeing each other a few times off of the battlefield then?

Cut to Lex Luthor comparing Superman and Batman to Night and Day, Blue and Black, God and Man e.t.c. . Last shot, Superman walks up to the Batmobile and rips of the front plating revealing a very angry Batman below (Guess no bat insurance huh? Well not according to Harley Quinn).

So that’s it! What did you think about the trailer? Let us know in the comments below! For all your movie, TV and gaming news stick here on TiCGN!

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