New actor Evan Evagora cast for upcoming Picard series

Production of the upcoming Star Trek: Picard series is well underway and casting has already begun. The newest actor to join the show is Australian thespian and model Evan Evagora.

At this point you may be scratching your head and wondering who Evan Evagora is. You could be forgiven for not knowing as his IMDB profile is very sparse. As of this writing his only credits include the Picard show and the horror reboot of Fantasy Island which will premiere sometime next year. It is very unusual for a new actor to join the principal cast of a Star Trek show.

There is no word as to what role Evagora will fill. If I had to guess I would say that he will take on the role of K’Bar, a teen-aged Romulan martial artist who is extremely devoted to Jean-Luc Picard. That is the only role from the leaked character notes that fits Evagora’s age range.

Evan Evagora joins Santiago Cabrera (Merlin, Transformers: The Last Knight) and Michelle Hurd (Ash vs Evil Dead, Blindspot) for the new show. Patrick Stewart will of course reprise his role as the legendary Jean-Luc Picard but you should not expect him to be a Starfleet captain this time around. Jonathan Frakes has also been attached to the show but he will not be reprising his role of William T. Riker (that we know of.) He will instead serve as director for the series along with his work on Star Trek: Discovery.

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