Neon Chrome Is Almost Here On The PS4

The top down shooter is just one of the coolest game genres that I have always loved to play. Since Smash TV I can’t stop playing these games. With a little bit of cash we all can play a new game Neon Chrome on the PS4. Neon Chrome will be releasing on May 31st on PSN.

Players will destroy their way through different levels with a mix of weapons and cybernetic abilities. Upgrade you skills and cybernetic abilities while playing as a different class that includes being either an Assassin, Corporate Soldier, and Cyber Psycho.

Neon Chrome was previously released on Steam which you can find by clicking this link here. It does look the game will be costing gamers in the $14.99 price range. No real price has been announced at this time. Some of the reviews have been a little harsh on the Steam version. Players can hope that Neon Chrome will come to the PS4 as a better version of it’s former self.

Let us know how you feel about more Steam games making it slowly to the console market in the comment section below.

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