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NBA2K16 Is Looking To Raise the Bar

The NBA Finals are set to kick off between the Cleveland Cavilers and the Golden State Warriors and if the tradition remains we will get our first glimpse at NBA 2K16. NBA 2K14 made a statement on the Next Generation consoles and NBA 2K15 was no exception. Now it’s time for NBA 2K16 and it seems as if there will be no stopping NBA 2K as being the best simulation basketball experience on the market. NBA 2K15 introduced an in-game TV show, 2KTV (hosted by Rachel DeMita). It’s a show gives players the inside scoop on how NBA players, celebrities, and devs use different strategies to compete in the game as well as feature highlights from different gamers in the community. Recently 2KTV had its first Post Season Episode where Rachel headed over to 2K headquarters to dig up some dirt on NBA 2K16.

The first thing that was announced was that if pre-ordered, gamers would get access to the game 4 days early on September 25th, if not you can pick up the game on Sept 29th. This is a bit out of the ordinary for 2K as they have traditionally released in October. The pre-order also comes with 10,000 Virtual Currency and a My Team VIP package. The next major announcement was the addition of 3 new Classic Teams, the 99-00 Toronto Raptors, the 00-01 LA Lakers and the 07-08 Boston Celtics.The next announcement was the additional effort they are putting in this year to ensure that the shoes look as good as their real life counterparts as well as adding brands like Li-Ning, Anta and Brand Black. Next they discussed the crowds and atmosphere, there weren’t many details shared here but if they can improve upon 2K15, fans should be pleased with the end result.To wrap up Rachel’s trip the last announcement made was about animations and how authentic the devs are making the game this year.

Those announcement aren’t as big as what they announced just a couple of weeks earlier and that was the Spike Lee would have his hands on the Career Mode portion of the game. Spike is a huge Knicks fans and has had a great rapport players, most famously Michael Jordan. 2K has previously sought out help from music artist such as Jay-Z and Pharrell so it is pretty exciting to see them add someone as story driven as Spike. He Got Game was one of the greatest basketball movies to date and hopefully this years Career Mode will be as epic. These are just some of the few details that have been released so far but with E3 right around the corner more details will hit the public soon.

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