Robert Ryan Has Joined the Initiative

Former Naughty Dog Designer Robert Ryan Has Joined The Initiative

The Initiative, Microsoft’s most recently built studio in Santa Monica, California, has been hiring for a fair few positions. As spotted by Twitter user Klobrille, former Naughty Dog designer Robert Ryan has joined The Initiative.

Robert Ryan worked on games like Uncharted 3, The Last of Us, Uncharted 4 and even the yet-unreleased The Last of Part II. Now that Robert Ryan has joined The Initiative, he’s working as a Senior Systems Designer.

While the team is still growing, The Initiative has picked up quite a bit of senior talent already, including developers from Insomniac Games, Rockstar Games, Avalanche Studios, Sony Santa Monica and even SpaceX.

To understand more about The Initiative and their aim as a part of Xbox Game Studios, you can watch this team mission video right here.

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