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My Top 8 Most Anticipated anime for the Spring season

What a wild ride we had with the current winter season of anime series like The Promised Neverland, The Rising of the Shield Hero, Domestic Girlfriend and more. Now that winter is over and the snow has gone, it’s now time to look into the future with the Spring season. So here are my top 8 most anticipated shows for the spring season on anime.

8. Bakumatsu Crisis

Synopsis: Bakumatsu an era in which the souls of men burned with their country’s future in mind. Takasugi, a soldier from Choshu boards a government ship with his friend Katsura in search of a mysterious timepiece, that grants the wielder the power to manipulate time. fear of it falling into the wrong hands the two plan to destroy the timepiece until they find out the government has been overthrown and now a new enemy surfaces and reigns supreme.


Where to watch: TBA

7. Kenja no Mago

Synopsis: One day a powerful wizard adopts a boy named Shin. Little did he know the boy is actually a man from the human world who was reincarnated into the world of Sage’s/ the wizard raises Shin as his own, separated away from society and teaches him the ways of magic. Shin then turns 15 and sets out on his own unfortunately for him he wasn’t taught common sense.

Where to watch: TBA

6. We Never Learn

Synopsis: “His late father always said that a useless man should strive to be useful, so to that end, third-year high school student Nariyuki Yuiga dedicated himself to becoming a high-achieving student in his school, despite his history of poor grades. In order to give his destitute family a better life, his ultimate goal is to obtain the special VIP nomination, a prestigious scholarship covering all future university tuition fees. Although Nariyuki could feasibly be a shoo-in for the nomination, he is constantly overshadowed by classmates Rizu Ogata and Fumino Furuhashi in mathematics and literature, respectively.

To his delight, Nariyuki receives the nomination, but there’s a catch: he has to tutor his two-star classmates, who are each hopelessly mediocre at the other’s subject of expertise! To make matters worse, the subjects they are horrible at are the same subjects they want to pursue for their future. As the time to submit university applications draws nearer, Nariyuki must find an effective tutoring method for the girls before it’s too late.”

Where to watch: Crunchyroll

5. Fruits Basket

Synopsis: “After a family tragedy turns her life upside down, 16-year-old high schooler Tooru Honda takes matters into her own hands and moves out…into a tent! Unfortunately for her, she pitches her new home on private land belonging to the mysterious Souma clan, and it isn’t long before the owners discover her secret. But, as Tooru quickly finds out when the family offers to take her in, the Soumas have a secret of their own–when hugged by the opposite sex, they turn into the animals of the Chinese Zodiac!”

Where to watch: Funimation

4. Attack on Titan 3B

Synopsis: The second half of season 3. “Many years ago, humanity was forced to retreat behind the towering walls of a fortified city to escape the massive, man-eating Titans that roamed the land outside their fortress. This is their story.”

Where to watch: Crunchyroll, Funimation, Hulu

3. One Punch Man Season 2

Synopsis: “Saitama only became a hero for fun, but after three years of “special” training, he finds that he can beat even the mightiest opponents with a single punch. Though he faces new enemies every day, it turns out being devastatingly powerful is actually kind of a bore. Can a hero be too strong?”

Where to watch: Hulu

2. Demon Slayer

Synopsis: “Since ancient times, rumors have abounded of man-eating demons lurking in the woods. Because of this, the local townsfolk never venture outside at night. Legend has it that a demon slayer also roams the night, hunting down these bloodthirsty demons. For young Tanjirou, these rumors will soon to become his harsh reality…

Ever since the death of his father, Tanjirou has taken it upon himself to support his family. Although their lives may be hardened by tragedy, they’ve found happiness. But that ephemeral warmth is shattered one day when Tanjirou finds his family slaughtered and the lone survivor, his sister Nezuko, turned into a demon. To his surprise, however, Nezuko still shows signs of human emotion and thought…

Thus begins Tanjirou’s quest to fight demons and turn his sister human again.”

Where to watch: Funimation

  1. Ace of Diamond Act II

Synopsis: “I want to pitch to that mitt again… A meeting with catcher Kazuya Miyuki changed the 15-year-old Eijun Sawamura’s life. He said goodbye to all his friends and knocked upon the door of Seidou, a prestigious baseball school, intent on testing his own strength. There, he met many proud baseball players who were betting everything on the sport!”

Where to watch: Crunchyroll

Let me know in the comment section what anime you aew most looking forward to for the spring season. We will update you as more information is revealed for where you can watch the shows that have not yet been announced.

Source: Myanimelist


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