My Thoughts on Gotham

Movies and television shows based on comic books have had a pleasant rise in viewers over the past few years. With show like Flash and Arrow leading the way it has become easier for other shows to gain viewers. The one series that I have just enjoyed the most is actually Gotham. I know it’s a show about the rogues rogues of Gotham City well before Bruce Wayne becomes Batman. I get that the apparent main character was initially Jim Gordon, I just don’t agree with that idea anymore.

Gotham has become something more then just Jim Gordon’s story of how he became the commissioner. With the second season being geared towards the villains it has become evident that in order for this show to survive Jim Gordon needs to either become the over worked stressed out commissioner we all know or the badass Batman from the last series from DC Comics featuring the titular Caped Crusader. The show runners have set it up that Jim Gordon just can’t fail at what he does. He is as dark as the monsters he is hunting.

The idea that this city needs a Batman hasn’t been shown yet, the young Bruce Wayne is still finding his way in the world. From dropping out of school to almost killing his parents’ murderer young Bruce has had a tough road. Gotham needs to eventually let Bruce become Batman without the suit. The young man fighting crime for reasons he keeps to himself. I just hope it comes sooner rather than later at this point.

The Court of Owls has finally made themselves know. “Spoiler” Now we know who paid the man to kill the Waynes, we just need to know who made him do what he did. Hugo Strange made a slash when he started awakening his “patients” from the dead. It seems that almost all of Batman’s villains have become a little closer to the comics because of what Hugo did. In the end of season two we see many different monsters leaving the wrecked bus. It looks like we have a young Bane, Killer Croc, Joker, and a possible sighting of Thomas Wayne Jr or the character Talon. Without wasting more time on how this villain becomes evil was a smart idea. Gotham could easily only make it three seasons with some of the ways this show just drags on at times. To think about it I still don’t like how Jerome was killed and now brought back through Hugo Stranges experiments. I hope he isn’t really the Joker now.  It feels somewhat cheap and I just don’t think it does the character of the Joker justice in any form. The Joker needs to be the other half of Batman, that beating heart in Batman’s chest. These two characters have the history that this show doesn’t seem to know what to do with.

Gotham is finally becoming a show that promises to keep the viewer constantly focused. Halfway though the second season I was over Mayor Galavan. Then in the first season that awful character of Fish Mooney just wouldn’t go away, it just sucks to see her back at the end of the second season. Overall I think season three will bring us closer to the actual Batman taking shape. Bruce Wayne will be fighting the Court of Owls and the city of Gotham is going to have it’s hands full with the new residents it just took in. If this show doesn’t move closer to Batman I really don’t think it will survive. It is just a shame if that does happen since Batman and Gotham City have so much to give to its people.

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