My Love Letter to the DOOM Beta

What I say here is only based on the closed DOOM beta and is solely my opinion and not necessarily shared by Anything I write might not pertain to the actual release of DOOM on May 13th. The beta is an unfinished work of art that doesn’t always represent the finished product. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

The explosive power of the BFG can only be compared to the insane replay value of the  DOOM closed beta. Both will destroy everything in its path. The beta took any plans I had for a weekend and ripped them up. It has become apparent that I just want more then what I was allowed to play. The release date of May 13th is just not close enough for me.

Two different modes where playable in the beta. The original and perfect Team Deathmatch and the new Warpath. Team Deathmatch is the untarnished perfection that has two teams getting the most kills to win. Warpath brings something different to not only DOOM but to all of the multiplayer shooters available today. Warpath makes plays stay with a moving location that has to be defended from the other team. It’s a mobile version of capture the flag. Adding the demon can be the one thing that will get annoying in a match. It’s a great idea that can become overused over time.

DOOM’s multiplayer is looking to give it that edge that will let it compete with some the other games on the market. The customization was completely unexpected when I had first attempted to add new color and patterns to my Pulse Rifle. The game even gave me the option to add aging to the weapon. The games that put small details like that usually enjoy a longer life with the hardcore fans.

Unlocking the taunts and not paying for them is a great idea. While I was playing around in the menus my wife was jealous Destiny didn’t have the emote for “Making it rain”. I was worried when she said she would pay $10 for that one emote. Thanks, Bethesda, for that new problem.

The weapons may look different with multiple colors and patterns, they feel like they did on the original DOOM. The fact that this DOOM feels as fun and enjoyable as it did when I played it on the PC way back in the day is amazing. ID and Bethesda have really made this beta something special for old and new fans of DOOM.

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