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My Hero Academia or Black Clover- Who Will Take the West?

Now that My Hero Academia and Black Clover has finally released their anime counterparts, which series will reign supreme in the West. Of course in terms of Japan it’s no contest because One Piece will always be king. So with that being said let’s get into the discussion.

It’s no secret that Shonen Jump is pushing for Black Clover, especially when they have already announced that they expect this series to be the next Naruto.

Even though, Black Clover may have the backing of Shonen Jump will that make a difference? Black Clover has always been compared to Naruto ever since its manga debut two years ago; but to me Black Clover feels more like Fairy Tail. That’s not a bad thing Fairy Tail is a great series, but to compare it or say that it’s going to be the next Naruto is a stretch.

Ever since Naruto has ended it seems that a good bit of the fan base has migrated to My Hero Academia, and because of the two season head start that Academia has gotten; in my opinion I feel that it may be hard to persuade the viewers away toward Black Clover.

With being up to date with the manga for both series, I feel My Hero Academia will ultimately be the better series. The reason for this is the amount of character development for each individual character. Thats not all though, the feeling I get when I watch My Hero Academia is more of a suspense feel. For instance when the villains attack the city or if there is a tough battle being taken place, it feels like a desperate need to survive. Unlike Black Clover which hasn’t shown that to the extent that My Hero Academia has shown. Of course that can change in the future, because Black Clover is still developing as a series.

Just to clarify this doesn’t mean that I think Black Clover will not be successful or enjoyable in anyway. Because there is some great content that will be coming that I myself can’t wait to see animated.

If you want to watch My Hero Academia please visit Crunchyroll, Hulu or Funimation. If you want to check out Black Clover please visit Crunchyroll or Funimation.

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