Multiverse Show Ep 88: Sea of Thieves HYPE!!! Tomb Raider Movie Sucks? Dadbod of War?

Welcome to the Multiverse Show Ep 88! In this week’s episode, the cast lets James explain that Tomb Raider is, against all odds, a great film and great adaption of the video game. Next up, it’s time for the Sea of Thieves hype train to roll out as the game releases in just a few days. The crew talks expectations for the game and what they’re looking forward to in it. Anchorman goes over the important and detailed crewmember roles. The last big discussion is that of the leaked God of War footage (you can see the official thing here) and the team discusses whether or not the game looks good. Before closing, Fame finishes up the long-running Sea of Thieves giveaway and chooses a winner.

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