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Multiple Disc Installs for Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

Backwards Compatibility is certainly an attractive feature on Xbox One. It does provide added value to the console by allowing users to increase their game library at no additional cost. This may help sway Xbox 360 gamers who were on the fence to jump ship to the current console generation.

When backwards compatibility was first launched, there were many questions regarding its capabilities. One of those questions was how would it handle multiple installations. A Reddit thread revealed that you can install multiple Xbox 360 games at the same time. Once the installation begins, you can remove the DVD and put in the next one.

Since the game’s data is being downloaded, you only need the disc to start the install. Once download begins, feel free to swap out for another Xbox 360 disc and let them queue in the background, while you’re free to do other things including playing another disc based game.

Expect monthly additions to Xbox One’s backwards compatibility catalog.

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