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More Original Xbox Games May Be On The Way

Phantom Dust and Voodoo Vince are original Xbox games resurrected due to fan demand. If successful, those games may receive new sequels for the modern day which would be a huge plus for followers of those franchises. What about the other original Xbox games? Code Mystics, the guys who ported over Phantom Dust, may have the words you’re eager to hear.

According to the Code Mystics’ Twitter account, the developers are looking for fan feedback on which original Xbox game they should work on next. So if there are any Blinx fans out there, this may be your chance to resurrect the famed time cat.

The tweet by the Code Mystics team does bring hope to Microsoft’s old promise to bring back old IP. With Code Mystics on backwards compatible duty, it may not be surprising to see more than one studio working on older franchises and if those IP’s arrive with success then we could see their resurrection come in full swing in the form of big budget sequel. Perhaps we could even see a game like Brute Force rebooted into something entirely unique.

Whatever your hearts desire may be, make sure to let Code Mystics’ know of your interests. For more Xbox news be sure to follow us @TiCGamesNetwork on Twitter and Facebook.


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