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More Details For Dragon Quest Builders 2

The official website for Dragon Quest Builders 2 has been updated with several new details about the game. The fine folks over at Square Enix were even nice enough to give us a synopsis of the story.

The Story

The world has become a peaceful place after the defeat of Malroth and his dark cleric, Hargon – until now. A new threat known as The Order of Hargon rises up in an attempt to destroy the world. They view the builders as a threat to their plans.

Meanwhile, the protagonist of the game and a young boy named Malroth wash up on the Vacant Island. This island becomes your base. While exploring the area, the protagonist will discover a sacred monument thanks to some guidance from a mysterious voice. After finding the monument, the protagonist becomes a Builder.


Square Enix has worked hard to make Dragon Quest Builders 2 easier to play. One of the improvements is the ability to create larger structures. You could even make a tower with one hundred floors if you wanted to. Water will flow off of cliffs now which means you can create the most epic waterfalls for your domain. Use the new diagonally shaped blocks to create sloped roofs, ramps or add angles to your structures.

You will find new ways to traverse the world. Now you can swim in the water or glide through the air. There is a dash ability for those of you who prefer to keep your feet on the ground.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 was announced for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch but there is no release date as of this writing.

Jason Mckendricks
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