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More Dead Rising 4 Leaks: It’s a Remake

Last week there were reports of Dead Rising 4 being in production, we had nothing to go by besides a leaker’s word but now we have more evidence of the game’s existence. Several pictures have leaked of it, as well as more leakers coming out and claiming the game is coming.



The leaker who originally leaked the game says that it will be a remake of the original Dead Rising. However, there’s an added twist of the game taking place during Christmas time. The game will also expand outside of Willamette Mall and features some of its surroundings. There will also be 4 player co-op.

A reporter from Kotaku is also claiming that the game exists and will be shown at Microsoft’s E3 conference.


It’s also being said that the game will be exclusive to Xbox One and Windows 10. All of this information fits in with the recent leak of a major remake coming exclusively to Microsoft platforms.

If this is all true then we’ll be finding out about in just a week, TICGN will be here to cover all Dead Rising news as well as everything else at E3 2016.

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