Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Expansion Has Been Announced

Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Expansion Has Been Announced, Coming in Autumn 2019

In a press release, Capcom has revealed the first massive expansion for Monster Hunter: World. The new Monster Hunter: World Iceborne expansion has been announced and will take players to a new, icy region. This expansion will be the first paid DLC for the game.

You can check out the Monster Hunter: World Iceborne trailer below: 

Details are still scarce but there will no doubt be new monsters and more to tackle. There’ll also be new quest ranks, locales, moves and gear. There’ll also be new story missions that pick up where the story for Monster Hunter: World ended.

Capcom also said that the Iceborne expansion will release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 sometime in Autumn 2019. The release timing for the PC version is still in question.

Monster Hunter: World has sold extremely well and has been a huge success for Capcom. While this expansion is still several months away, there will be other, free DLC coming for players to enjoy in 2019. In a big crossover event, Geralt of Rivia will be making his way into Monster Hunter: World early in 2019. The new free DLC will let players play as Geralt, with his unique abilities and skills.

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