Monster Hunter: World Has Sold Over 11 Million Copies

Monster Hunter: World Has Sold Over 11 Million Copies

Capcom has released their financial report for the third quarter of fiscal year 2019. In addition to great numbers, this report came with the news that Monster Hunter: World has sold over 11 million copies. The last update we got from Capcom indicated that Monster Hunter: World had shipped over 10 million copies back in August 2018.

Here’s some major highlights:
  • Operating income is up 92% year-over-year
  • Sales have been up 28% over the last 9 months
  • Monster Hunter: World has crossed 11 million units sold
  • Capcom considers Monster Hunter: World‘s performance a “phenomenal success”
  • Sales of Mega Man 11 are “off to a good start.”

With Resident Evil 2 shipping 3 million copies in its first week, it’s off to a great start. Between that and Devil May Cry 5 releasing in March, Capcom should have a very strong final quarter for fiscal year 2019.

Monster Hunter: World has more free and paid DLC coming: first, a crossover with The Witcher is bringing Geralt of Rivia into Monster Hunter: World sometime in Spring 2019. Then, the Monster Hunter: World Iceborne expansion will be released sometime in Autumn 2019. All this additional DLC should provide a reason for the playerbase to stay with the game.

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