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Monster Hunter: World 2nd Beta Starts Today

Capcom is hosting a beta for their upcoming action RPG Monster Hunter: World. All PS4 owners will be able to participate in this trial and get an early look at the game. The test begins today at 17:00 (UTC) and ends on December 26th at 16:59 (UTC). As the game uses global servers, the beta will be active in every region simultaneously. Those who are interested can download the client now.

As with past entries in the series, the game has players take on quests to hunt giant monsters in various habitats. Slaying these beasts rewards the hunters with materials that they can use to craft better equipment. There are 14 distinct types of weapons available in the game, each with its own unique moveset. Players will also have access to the Slinger. Not only does this device allow players to launch projectiles as a diversion, it also acts as a grappling hook for improved mobility.

During the beta test, players will be able to take on three missions. Player customization will also be available with six male and female presets, but the full game will include a deeper character creation system. Other systems missing from the demo include friend invites, the option to join quests partway through, guild card sharing, and the option to kick other players out of a party, all of which will be in the full version of the game.

Monster Hunter: World will launch globally on January 26, 2018. While this beta is only on PS4, the game is also heading to Xbox One on the same date. The game was also announced for PC, but that version will be coming at a later date.

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