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Monster Hunter Generations Coming to 3DS this Summer

Monster Hunter fans will be getting Monster Hunter: Generations for the 3DS this summer.  Monster Hunter as a series has sold over 36 million copies worldwide, becoming one of the most popular games to play. This game will introduce a new gameplay mechanics that involve a Styles system, and Hunter Arts abilities.

Monster Hunter Generations brings in some new features that include:

  • “Style” system – New to this installment, players can choose from four distinct combat Styles, offering new ways to utilize each of the 14 weapon types.
  • Striking “Hunter Arts” – Combat looks even more impressive with the addition of these devastating attacks, indispensable field skills and power-ups.
  • 14 weapon types – Experiment with and master 14 different weapon types and craft tons of unique equipment. Players are never cemented into any combat choices such as weapons or style and are encouraged to experiment with and find builds that best fit their desired hunting preferences.
  • Gear crafting – Fell massive beasts to obtain resources for crafting countless weapons and armor fashioned after the game’s colossal creatures. Study the enemy’s habits and tactics to discover weak points or parts that can be broken for bonus rewards.

Players will be tasked with protecting the fated four including the  beautiful snowy mountain town of Pokke village from various monsters.  With four villages to protect and countless monsters to hunt, players will have plenty to do with 100+hrs of gameplay. Players will also have to look out for Deviant monsters, monsters like Grimclaw Tigrex who has gained new powers are surviving your last encounter.

Nintendo 3DS users that enjoy the Streetpuss feature will be happy to know that Monster Hunter Generations allows players to collect tickets that give them access to special Deviant monster quests. Players can also send and receive customizable guild cards. The one thing that I enjoy about these games is collaboration content. Expect to see set of costumes and weapons from games like Mega Man and Fire Emblem. One last interesting thing is if you played Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and still have a save on the 3DS will receive a special bonus item pack. The pack includes a Palico armor set, in-game money, and potions that will give you the upper hand when starting the game.

Monster Hunter Generations is listed on Gamestop.com as coming out on 7/31. The price is set at $39.99 for the physical and digital versions.When the official release date is announced we will have it. Check back to TiCGN.com for more Nintendo news.


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