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Moero Chronicle Is Getting a PC Release

Idea Factory International have announced that they are bringing Moero Chronicle to PC. This port will be available in 1080p with English, Chinese, and Japanese subtitles.

While this is the second entry in Compile Heart’s Genkai Tokki series, the game only has thematic ties to the first title. As one may guess from the image with an enemy wearing underpants on its head, the game is rather silly. In this DRPG, players take on the role of Io, a perverted young man who has trouble speaking to girls. The one exception is Lilia, his best friend who happens to be a Monster Girl. While traveling to Monstopia, Io finds that Monster Girls in the region have started to rampage, making his journey extra dangerous.

According to IFI, the game’s key features include:

  • Moe Monsters Moe Problems! Recruit 70 Monster Girls, each with unique skills and traits, to fight for you! You’ll have to wear them out in battle first though!
  • Can I Kick It? Build your relationship with each Monster Girl through special events, giftgiving, and even home improvement to increase their powers and abilities
  • Trait Flexin’ Strategize your 5-person party by keeping their Moe Traits in mind – when combined together, you can increase your party’s attack, recover after battle, and more!
  • Nothin’ Wrong with a Little Bumping Scratch! Purify your Monster Girls and return them to their senses with “Bumping Scratch”! Find their points of weakness on their body and touch, rub, poke, or pick until they’re purified!

Unlike with consoles, retailers of PC games do not require games to be evaluated by ratings boards before release. As such, this release of Moero Chronicle will not include any censorship. In an earlier interview with Operation Rainfall, Idea Factory International president Haru Akenaga announced that they do not want to localize any games that would require censoring. This is why the game was not released for the Vita outside of Asia. Still, an English Vita version is available as the game was translated by Compile Heart Asia.

Moero Chronicle does not have a firm release date for PC, but IFI aims to have it out in the summer of 2017.

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