Minecraft’s “Super Duper Graphics” Pack Has Officially Ceased Development

At E3 2017 during Xbox’s conference, there was a huge Minecraft announcement teasing a ton of new features that have since been implemented in the game. However, Mojang had been silent for a long time on a highly anticipated pack that was supposed to be coming to Minecraft later that year. Minecraft’s “Super Duper Graphics” Pack was teased to bring hugely immersive 4k textures and transform the game in a whole new way. Now it’s over 2 years later and Minecraft fans were still waiting for this pack with very little information from Mojang or Microsoft on the status of the update.

Minecraft – E3 2017 Trailer


Today, it was announced that the Super Duper Graphics Pack had officially ceased development. In a post on the official Minecraft website, the pack had been canceled due to “the pack proved too technically demanding to implement as planned”. This is certainly disappointing to Minecraft fans who had been looking forward to this pack for such a long time. It is a shame that Mojang couldn’t have been more transparent leading up this announcement.

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