Minecraft: Realms Cross-Platform Gameplay Shown

Microsoft has given us news about cross-platform play in the form of Minecraft Realms.

Today, Minecraft: Realms is getting Friendly Update, that will allow Xbox Live, iOS, Andriod and PC players to be able to play together without limitations on dedicated servers. Not only that, but GearVR players will be able to use this cross-platform play. This means that Minecraft is the first game to allow VR players and traditional players to play together.

Minecraft: Realms will also include texture packs and additional add-ons to the Pocket Edition and Windows 10. Although, these extra additions won’t hit until fall. The demo they showed us at Microsoft’s E3 press conference showed demonstrators play on a iPad, Surface tablet and PC with a VR headset. This is where they announced the city texture pack during the demo and showed off the city they had made with the pack, as well as enemies and allies.

Minecraft’s initial release date was back in 2009 and met with much praise in the gaming community. IGN gave it a 9/10, Metacritic gave it a 93%, and Common Sense Media gave it a 4/5.

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