Minecraft on Nintendo Switch Getting Moana and Xbox Character Skins

This is one of those announcementss from another company that you wouldn’t think could ever happen. Starting today, Minecraft players on the Nintendo Switch will be able to download and use certain character skins from Microsoft franchises. Nintendo of America was kind enough to post a Tweet earlier today.

Minecraft is actually getting this legendary Skin Pack for the Wii U and all new versions of the game that are mobile, Xbox One, and Windows 10. Players will get skins from games like Gears of War, Fable, and Halo. In fact, this is only half of today’s news about these skins. Players who loved the Disney movie Moana will be able to play as the characters from that film.

So go out and play with your friends using these new skins. The skins can be purchased through the Minecraft marketplace in the game.

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