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Mighty No. #5040 is Hysterical!


What can I say that hasn’t already been said about the controversy surrounding Mighty No. 9? Keji Inafune’s team was simply way over their heads when they thought they were able to suddenly pull off a multi-million dollar franchise from a simple Kickstarter project unscathed. Sure, the quality of the game itself is up for debate, but anybody could agree it didn’t live up to expectations.

But leave it to a small string of text visible in the game itself to turn disappoint into utterly hilarity in mere seconds! The game’s four-hour long credits sequence can easily be seen as a blur in many people’s eyes, but observant individuals would be able to pick up on a few familiar names and funny things that slipped by. Notably this.

For those unaware of who this “Kamiya” is, this short sentence refers to Viewtiful Joe and Bayonetta creator, Hideki Kamiya, who famously posted this on Twitter one day.

He went on to say in later tweets that Mighty No. 9 is a “copy” and an “insult” to the Mega Man series.

And now his name is attached to the very game he insulted as an appropriately unfavorable dis to the game by some anonymous individual that happened to back the game. I like the way he or she thinks though; it’s better than going by “A Generous Backer” in the credits roster.

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