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Microsoft’s Surface Hub Display Will Be Available in September

At the Windows 10 reveal in January Microsoft announced a behemoth of a display that is intended to be the ultimate collaboration tool and white board replacement. The Surface Hub is a 4k display available in 56 and 84 inch models. While it is very unlikely that most of us will be knocking down walls in our homes to make room for this screen, Microsoft points out that the display is mainly intended for businesses and schools.

The Surface Hub features a multi-touch display capable of allowing up to three people to write on it at once, an i5 or i7 processor (the i7 CPU goes in the 84 inch model), twin cameras and microphones with background noise reduction built-in and support for video calling. Microsoft also managed to cram in support for Bluetooth, NFC, USB ports and a multitude of connections for audio and video devices.

Priced at $6,999 for the 56-inch model and a whopping $19,999 for the 84-inch version it is unlikely we will see these in homes anytime soon. The Surface Hub makes us eagerly anticipate the day when prices begin to fall and we can have one in our game rooms. Microsoft will begin taking orders for the Surface Hub in July and begin shipping them some time in September.

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