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Microsoft Trademarks Mysterious New Logo; the Scorpio Logo?

Microsoft is set to have a big E3, as they finally unveil ‘Project Scorpio’ to the world. Over the past couple months they’ve given us hints about the new upgraded console, but we’re still left with much to learn. However, we may have just gotten a small look at it. Microsoft has recently trademarked a ‘S’ shaped logo, could it be the Scorpio logo?

While we don’t know what exactly this logo is for, it more than likely belongs to the Scorpio. The timing is right as it was just trademarked, it’s unlikely that it’s for anything else.

This logo could mean that Microsoft is keeping the Scorpio name for the console. Many wondered if Microsoft would choose something else opposed to Scorpio similar to Project Natal/Kinect; but perhaps the Scorpio name has become a bit too public to do that. Or this could just mean the console’s name will start with an S, but the Scorpio title remaining seems more likely.

We won’t have to wait long to find out what this logo is for. Microsoft’s E3 conference is on Sunday June 11th, where they’ll unleash Project Scorpio upon the world. TICGN will report all of the latest from Microsoft’s conferences and the rest of E3 as it comes in.

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