Microsoft Teases Xbox Project Scorpio

The first mid-generation console upgrade has been announced the end of Microsoft’s E3 2016 press conference. Referred to as a gaming machine without compromises, the Scorpio will feature an 8-core central processor and a GPU that can pump out 6 Teraflops of data. The memory bandwidth is a stunning 320GB per second. For the sake of context, the Xbox One GPU can do 1.31 teraflops while the PS4 runs at 1.84 teraflops. The PS4 Neo is rumored to run somewhere around 4.14 Teraflops.

The Scorpio is technically capable of playing games in native 4K resolution up to 60 frames per second though some developers will likely choose to increase visual fidelity and lower the frame rate to 30 frames per second. Finally, VR gaming on Scorpio was teased but no support for current headsets was officially announced. Microsoft has been rumored to be pursuing a partnership with Oculus Rift and that system remains a strong possibility.

Phil Spencer also hinted that Scorpio will signal the end of typical console generations that last for several years. Consoles will likely see iterative releases and there is also the possibility of upgradable hardware.

Scorpio will remain compatible with games from your XBox One library. The Xbox One will also be able to play games released for Scorpio with the exception of games rendered in 4K resolution and VR games.

The Scorpio console will release by holiday 2017.

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