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Microsoft Sold 19 Million Xbox One’s according to EA

[Update] This is an update to a previous article where we count the estimated sales numbers for the XBox division. This includes both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 since the Xbox One launched.

Since the Xbox One’s launch, Microsoft haven’t divulged any official sales numbers for the Xbox One except for a few rare occasions. Microsoft last revealed that they sold 10 Million units back in October 2014, when the Xbox One dominated the US holiday sales season. Microsoft didn’t manage to take the 2015 holiday season with the exception to October, when Halo 5 launched. An unofficial leak has placed the Xbox One unit count running the latest Windows 10 update at 18 Million.

According to EA, their estimates place the total number of consoles sold at around 55 Million, bringing the total number of Xbox One units in use to around 19 Million. Looking at officially declared numbers from Microsoft on how many units they shipped during each quarter we can estimate how many units they shipped since the Xbox One’s launch.

Official Sales by the Xbox Division:

  • Q2 2014 Microsoft announced 7.4 Million Xbox Units Shipped (Xbox One Launched)
  • Q3 2014 Microsoft announced 2.0 Million Xbox Units Shipped
  • Q4 2014 Microsoft announced 1.1 Million Xbox Units Shipped
  • Q1 2015 Microsoft announced 2.4 Million Xbox Units Shipped
  • Q2 2015 Microsoft announced 6.6 Million Xbox Units Shipped
  • Q3 2015 Microsoft announced 1.6 Million Xbox Units Shipped
  • Q4 2015 Microsoft announced 1.4 Million Xbox Units Shipped
  • Q1 2016 Microsoft only announced that Xbox Gaming Related revenue was up 6% from Q1 2015 (2.0M)
  • Q2 2016 Microsoft announced Gaming Revenue was up 9%. Console units down slightly due to Xbox 360 sales falling, but they shipped more Xbox One units year over year. (5M)

That brings the total to 29 Million units shipped if you assume that they shipped 5.0 Million units in the last quarter with a drop of 1.6 Million units from the previous year due to falling Xbox 360 sales. If there are around 19 Million Xbox One’s out in the wild, then Microsoft shipped around 10 Million Xbox 360’s since 2013. One can clearly see the effect the waning sales of the Xbox 360 is having on overall sales numbers for Microsoft. The total Xbox 360 share of the pie is quite small at this point.

The total share of the Xbox One is anyone’s guess at this point with Microsoft not sharing this information at this point except that the Xbox One continued to outperform the Xbox 360 by 50% during the same period in their respective lifecycles but it’s good to see the Xbox division still move units regardless of what popular belief dictates or if you believe there is a warehouse built from Xbox consoles to hide Xbox consoles.

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