Microsoft Sneaks Past Sony’s Marketing Deal With Ultra Cheap Destiny 2 Bundle

As most gamers know, Sony has an extremely aggressive marketing deal in place for Activision’s upcoming game, Destiny 2. You wouldn’t be blamed for thinking the game was a PS4 exclusive just from looking at the promotional materials. Microsoft wants you to know that Destiny 2 is also on Xbox and they are willing to throw the game in for free if you buy an Xbox One S console.

The Microsoft Store has priced 500GB Xbox One S consoles at $249 and now they have a deal for two free bonus game. This deal works with bundles too so you could buy the Minecraft or Forza Horizon 3 bundles and still get two free select games of your choice. The list of bonus games includes upcoming titles such as Destiny 2 and Madden 18. That’s an Xbox One S and three games for $249.

If you would prefer to buy your console from another store, Microsoft will honor the free game promotion at major retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy. However, that will just be one additional game whereas the Microsoft store is offering two games.

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