Microsoft Q3 Financials Saved by the Power of the Cloud

Microsoft released their Q3 2016 Financial results and overall the company, like so many other tech giants barely made any movement up or down. In regards to Microsoft, their Revenue projections came in below Wall Street consensus of 62 cents a share (Wall Street wanted 64 cents a share) of $20.531 Billion. Profit came in at a healthy $3.7 Billion this quarter.

Azure was the star of the show growing 120% this year under the ‘Intelligent Cloud’ banner, which collectively pulled in a huge $6.1 Billion. The division however only managed to eke out a gain of 3%. Analysts believe that thanks to Azure growing so fast, by 2018 the cloud business will have made up for the difference that the shrinking Windows business have on their financials.

Surface was another bright spot on the Financials this quarter, flexing its muscles to pull in $1.1 Billion for the 3 months ending March. This is exceptional growth for a division which only a few years ago was called a failed experiment. Surface Book launched at $1499 last year, and the new Surface Pro 4 is a popular Business and productivity device, and it’s growth proves that even Microsoft can make popular hardware.

In regards to Xbox, however Microsoft haven’t released solid numbers for the division in regards to sales. But true to form Microsoft announced that there are 46 Million Active Monthly Xbox Live subscribers (across Xbox One, Windows 10 and Xbox 360). Microsoft announced this week that they will discontinue the production of the Xbox 360 due in most part that the hardware was becoming less popular now that the latest generation consoles have reached price points below $300.

For the full breakdown, you can check out their Financials here.

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