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Microsoft Plans To Make Cross-Buy A Platform Feature

Microsoft announced today that the upcoming Quantum Break will have a very generous pre-order bonus. Players who preorder the digital version of Quantum Break will also get the Windows 10 version of the game along with Alan Wake plus the two DLC packs and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. As expected, many internet gaming communities immediately went to red alert and tirelessly battled with each other over whether this cross buy offer is a good thing. Depending on who you talked to this could be an example of Microsoft’s generosity and desire to do right by gamers or this is the end for the Xbox console family.

Whichever side of the argument you favor, be ready for similar announcements in the future. Xbox chief Phil Spencer took to Twitter today and fielded questions from gamers about Xbox One, Windows 10, cross buy and the rest of the games Microsoft will release this year.

When asked if we will see third party games offer cross buy incentives, Phil Spencer replied that Microsoft plans to make this a platform feature.

I believe that most of the cross buy games we will see on Xbox One will be for ID@Xbox games and Microsoft’s own titles. Somy has experimented with cross buy between the PS3, Vita and PS4 and very few third party AAA games took advantage of the feature. I’ll happily take an extra copy of my future Xbox One games for PC though.

How do you feel about cross buy games? Let me know in the comments section.

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