Microsoft Partners With Studio Gobo For New Game

UK-based developer Studio Gobo has been teasing a new partnership with Microsoft Studios for development of a new video game. Check out their tweet below:

Details of this new project are obviously scarce at this point but a little digging has unearthed a few clues. The Careers section of Studio Gobo’s website shows that they are seeking developers for a number of positions including Gameplay Designer and Lead Environment Artist. These job descriptions mention a “3rd person AAA character action console game”.

Could this be the new game they are working for Microsoft? Possibly, but if they are only now hiring programmers to work on it then we shouldn’t expect to see much about this mystery game until 2019 or 2020. It also appears that Studio Gobo is working on multiple projects. Another job opening is for a User Experience Designer for an “an exciting free-to-play product based on a globally-recognized IP for a major publisher.”

Studio Gobo was founded in 2011 by former developers of Black Rock Studio. They have worked on the well received F1 2012 racing game for Codemasters but their most recent projects have been playsets for Disney Infinity including Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Wars: Rise Against The Empire.

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