Microsoft Is Looking Into Letting Players Sell Back Their Digital Games

Recently on Reddit a user posted a survey showing that Microsoft is asking players if they are willing to sell digital games for 10% of the original price. The idea could gain traction with the Xbox community since it seems more players are now purchasing digital copies of games from Xbox Live.

Selling a game for less then the Gamestop asking price seems that maybe Microsoft really doesn’t understand it’s customers. Selling a copy of The Division¬†at Gamestop will generate the player $27 in store credit with the Gamestop Rewards card. The a 10% will be substantially less then that for Xbox One users.

At this moment it is just a survey for Xbox One users. It could in the future become something that is actually used in the Xbox One store. Remember if you do take this survey think about the fact that 10% is the final amount.

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