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Microsoft Is Looking Into A Smaller, Lighter Xbox Console… Again

Once again rumors are swirling around a compact and lightweight Xbox console. It won’t be what you are probably thinking of though. Instead of a slim version of the Xbox One, Microsoft is said to be investigating a low cost device that would be positioned as an alternative to the Apple TV.

If brought to market the new device would be used to stream entertainment apps such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video and play games from the Windows 10 store. This console would obviously lack an optical drive but would hopefully include USB ports and the ability to connect an external hard drive.

In some ways an Xbox TV could make sense. Users who have purchased a considerable amount of content from Xbox Live could presumably enjoy it on the new device. It would also serve as a relatively low cost path to introduce new customers to the Xbox brand. My biggest concern is the gaming library. The Windows 10 app store doesn’t have a massive library compared to Google Play or the Apple App Store. If Microsoft includes the ability to stream gameplay from an Xbox One console to this device like it does to Windows 10 computers then it would indeed be a worthy purchase.

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