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Microsoft Is Investigating PC To XBox One Game Streaming

Starting today millions of owners will now be able to stream their Xbox One games from their console to their Windows 10 computers. Announced earlier this year, this feature will give players more flexibility when they play their games. However, almost immediately fans all over the internet wondered if the reverse would be possible. Could we stream our PC games and play them on an Xbox One?

We recently saw a hint that this feature could be coming when mouse and keyboard support for Xbox One was confirmed. Now it certainly appears possible as Phil Spencer has confirmed that the company’s engineers are trying to make it happen.

[Gamers] want to play games on the device that they want to play on.

Phil Spencer went on to talk about how challenging PC to Xbox One streaming might be because of having to encode games and ensuring there would be enough bandwidth to stream them. TiCGN will keep you updated on this and other new Xbox One features.

Image Source: Daily Read List

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